Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance - Yes we are bonded and insured.

Access - It is your choice to be present or not during the time of service, we are happy to work either way. You can give us house access codes or issue keys for access, we are familiar with all modern security systems.

Supplies - Yes we bring our own supplies and cleaning tools for the initial cleaning. From that point forward the client is responsible for providing all cleaning supplies. We use our own tools such as vacuums, mops, buckets, sponges etc...

Payment Method - Yes we accept credit cards (visa and mastercards) you will be billed monthly for all services provided via paperless billing ie: emails.

Pets In The House - Yes we are pet friendly Cleaners.

Staff - Yes you will be provided with the same Cleaning Team each week as we work per town area, once you commit
to the same day and time we can schedule your same team always.

Laundry - Yes we wash, dry and iron linens as well as personal clothing upon request.

Weekends - Yes we operate on the weekends.